Survival Supremacy Solidarity

An explosive mix of Larp, Post-Apoc culture, Music and Fun

"Beyond the living hell of the Great Disaster, at the dawn of a new world, survivors found a new home of concrete and steel. What was once the Plain looked like a godforsaken desert... nevertheless, the human race had survived.”

SANCTUM is a Post Apoc festival larp for 200+ participants, a loving tribute to cult classics Fallout and Mad Max.

Create your character and playing group, gain control of districts and resources, dive into the immoral recreation of the settlement, defend yourself against ravagers and radiation.

Live 4 days in the last outpost of civilization in a world dominated by wastelands.

Event canceled

Dear Friends,
we have no choice but to postpone Sunfall, Sanctum to next year.
We waited as long as we could, since the situation was improving, but by now it's clear that we would not have enough participants to deliver the play experience that we designed and that we promised to you guys.

Postponing a larp for a whole year is hardly ideal, and we are making this decision lightly. In 12 years, this is the very first time that we delay a project more than a few weeks.
Still, we are convinced that running the game with just 40 or 50 players would have been even worse. We'll always strive to keep the quality of our larps high, even if not playing this September will be an economic loss for us.

We deeply thank all the people who signed up, who invited friends to join, as well as everyone who worked to make this project come true.

Your enthusiasm won't be wasted - we'll be back!
This project created a significant amount of interest, and this momentary setback is mostly due to the fact that we mismanaged its launch, starting way too late with its promotion.
Next year, things will be different.

The Experience

A Larp Festival

A sandbox event

“Let’s build the worst possible world”

"SUNFALL, SANCTUM" is Terre Spezzate’s first try at creating a completely sandbox event, in which participants not only play the event, but craft the setting with their own game choices and ideas.

A stronghold in the desolate destruction of the post-apoc, "SUNFALL, SANCTUM" will be defined by groups created by participants and by how they will interact with each other during the event.

"SUNFALL, SANCTUM" is not a one-shot, but aims to be a yearly event to be played again and again. The stories of survivors, ravagers, mutants will be the foundations for a growing setting, richer and more interesting, created by you!

A light event

Themes such as survival, abuse, hope, how humanity would react to a disaster that wiped out civilization, culture and foundations - those are definitely not light themes, but rather serious.

"SUNFALL, SANCTUM" deals with big themes, but without taking itself too seriously.

The main objective of the event is to have a fun experience with old and new friends.

Having fun

Much like Sunfall, from which it shares themes and setting, SANCTUM aims at not just being  larp event, but also an entertaining gathering. A true festival, during which players will be able to play their characters, but also live the setting and have fun: music, shows and entertainment will be there every day - all inspired by the atmospheres of the radioactive wastelands.


We could not say this better than our friends in SUNFALL did on their website, in the “Setting” paragraph, reproduced here:

City life
Sunfall is first and foremost a larp about city life. Exploring how the people of a lost world has come together and make a living off and with each other. Because outside the gates lurks the wasteland and only those well prepared or truly desperate travel out there.
Post Apocalyptic World
The world is fucked, new perspectives and philosophies emerge and dangers are everywhere. Exploring these perspectives and how a world would look is a core component of the larp.
The problem of unlimited human wants and limited resources. Be it need for community and safety, power and influence or clean food and water. There is always more to want and not enough to go around. An exploration of human needs.

Exploring human needs, and how to get them, is a core theme of "SUNFALL, SANCTUM".

Manufacturing, trading, bartering, stealing and protecting your resources can create endless play opportunities. And, above all, it can provide useful inspiration to define the very concept of your character and of your group.

We strongly suggest players to design their group thinking about its role in "SUNFALL, SANCTUM"’s economy, and about its “camp” or shop in the city.

What can your group offer to its fellow citizens? Which goods or services can you sell to others, and which ones do you expect to buy or barter? How do you imagine your camp will look like? Is it like a mercenaries’ barrack, or like a shady bar, a shop selling collectibles from the Old World, a field hospital, a massage center, a tattoer’s shop?


How the world was…

No one remembers how it really was before the Great Disaster, and much of what survives of that mythical past is a twisted, corrupted version of the world between 1930 and 1980. Shreds of old cities are called by any name the survivors think fit. Colors, flags, names… almost nothing is left of the past, and what still stands has taken new meaning. Around the year 2000 the world burned in the Black Fire, an unknown catastrophe that devastated the lands. Since then, about a hundred years have passed.

Now humans live in a new world, scorched and cruel, a world with new rules and new possibilities.

The North - The Plain

The borders that once divided the continent don’t exist anymore: the territories have been destroyed in the Great Disaster, and the good part of what once was Italy is now inhospitable and hostile. The Plain, which dominates the North, is sterile and desolate, a no-men’s land too big to the controlled, but still scattered with the cement skeletons that once were called cities, raided by nomad scavengers. Up north, the huge crown of sharp mountains makes it hard for travelers and pilgrims to move past them - both for the hard terrain and the neo-tribal clans of the mountains, mostly aggressive savages who dominate these territories. Some say there’s a safe passage to get to the Great North, but it’s a well-kept secret of a few groups of travelers, and the trip is no easy task anyway. Very few know for certain if there’s a world beyond those sharp peaks, and how it is.

The Plain, even if harsh and dangerous, holds something that becomes more and more difficult the more south people go: water, crucial for survival.

South - The Great Desert

South of the Plain, the land fades into the Great Desert, inhospitable and deadly, where surviving is almost impossible. Some nomad groups seem to be able to move across these lands forgotten by God: it’s said there are oasis/outposts that could be able to briefly support the raids into the Great Desert. Radiations also become more dangerous south of the Plain, making it almost impossible to anyone to inhabit those territories.

Nobody can safely say if there’s anything beyond the Great Desert. There are tales, myths, that tell of populated outposts, or great underground vault-cities, somewhere in the south. Only fools believe these stories, spread to push careless travelers to the Great Desert, where Death by famishing or radiations reigns supreme.


Right in the middle of the Plain there’s an outpost that has recently been getting more and more populated and popular. SANCTUM is a home for some, a name for others, almost a legend that convoys and nomads name more and more often. It’s said to have been founded by two groups who found peace: survivors from the wastelands of the Plain, and vaulters forced to leave their underground shelter. Sanctum is easily defendable, with (limited) supplies of water, and huge living spaces that can offer shelter from radioactive rains.

Among the diverse survivors populating the Plain there’s a voice going around, that Sanctum not only has space for everyone, but that a big market gathering will take place in the shade of the City-building that makes up its beating heart. Groups of lowlives, looters, convoys, traders and any kind of scum of the earth have decided to march towards the outpost to visit the this legendary place and profit from it somehow, or to settle there.

Characters and game groups

Create your own character

SANCTUM leaves each player the chance to create their own character and fuel their own game - at the same time, we want to offer all players a good starting point and the opportunity to have a character that’s tied to the themes and plots of the larp.

For this reason, we invite you to frame the character choosing from a series of traits, on top of a brief “free” description of it.

Each of these traits will definite an aspect of the character, and will offer specific game cues.

For example, if you choose “MUTANT”, you’ll get game cues for that, such as information on who is part of the mutant community that lives in SANCTUM, and what type of problems they have, who are their main fiends and foes, and other useful stuff to develop your game.

Other examples of traits to choose are religion, profession, how long your character has lived in SANCTUM, your vision on community and society at large, your attitude towards violence and also the group you belong in.

Note that you don’t have to choose your traits right away! We recommend choosing them little by little: don’t be afraid to change them depending on how your friends’ and other participants’ character are developed.

The four origins

To simplify, each SANCTUM character will be considered as part of one of these 4 archetypes that are typical of post-apocalyptic fiction: Survivor, NeoTribal, Vaulter, Mutant.

Survivors: the most common archetype; if you don’t want to play an “exotic” character, choose Survivor. Example: Mad Max

NeoTribal: characters that are more “primitive” in their aesthetic, behaviour, social organization fall into this category. They sometimes see others as nostalgic or naive, who refuse to fully accept the world for what it has become after the Great Disaster. Example: the protagonist of Fallout 2.

Vaulter: those who have survived in a Vault, an underground bunker in which most of ancient technology was preserved, which is not fully understood by most of the world anymore. Example: the Fallout 3 and 4 protagonists.

Mutant: because of radiation, many develop mutations and deformities, which are often hereditary. A lot of people despise, hate and are repulsed by Mutants, who often live in isolated and impoverished communities. Example: mutants from Futurama and Total Recall.

The three cults

Lucoza: The temple of Lucoza worships three gods: Fire, Machine and Powder. Each deity has a High Priest that guides the liturgy.

  • Fire: chaos, purification, rebirth
  • Machine: logic, engine, trade
  • Powder: change, war

NeoCath: Christian cult derivative of what remains of a distorted and mutated Catholicism. The Black Fire is the Apocalypse described in the Bible: after the righteous ascended to the heavens, those who are still in Earth are the ones who still need to redeem by fighting the army of the Devil. Mutants are clearly demons from hell, and disciples of Satan live among humans as well. The Second Coming of the Messiah is awaited to lead the Holy War again the Devil and his troops.

Gaya’s Prophecy: Gaya, mother of the Earth, wounded by the Black Fire, is changing and rising from its own ashes, generating her Chosen ones who will inherit the Earth - the infidels call the chosen “mutants”. This cult is only open to mutants.

Choose or create your group

Almost all characters in SANCTUM should belong in a group. Groups are defined by players themselves and can be clans, families, religious orders, criminal gangs, commercial partners, or any other type of human group that is sufficiently characterized and recognizable in their aesthetic, behaviour and goals - and that can find players interested in joining it.

Usually groups are born from groups of friends who want to play together, obviously. We encourage you to consider your group at least potentially “open” to let in other players, as an opportunity to meet new friends. This doesn’t mean the group has to accept anyone who might want to be part of it.

How is a group created?

Game groups, like characters, are discussed and described in the Facebook group “SANCTUM Characters

All groups that are proposed by at least 2 players will be automatically accepted by the Staff (saved for very particular cases), and will be listed in the available groups to join.

Each group will then have to have at least 5 players to receive final approval and be played in the larp. Counting of members will take place a couple of weeks before the larp: groups who won’t have at least 5 members will be asked to join other groups or merge with each other.

Maximum number: there’s no limit, yet incase a group gets too large compared to the total of participants, we reserve the right to split the group in two. For example, instead of having a supergroup of “Death Scavengers”, there will be two groups, the “Night Scavengers” and the “New Scavengers”, which were once one group but have since split over a dispute on loot, and now hate each other to death.

Special roles - SANCTUM “veterans”

We thought of adding additional depth to our outpost by providing some special roles - veteran SANCTUM citizens that have particular responsibilities that make them unique.

Some examples are the Sheriff, the Minister of the Town Worship, the Chief Merchant of the Guild, etc.

Obviously, every rose has its thorns: choosing one of these characters will make you special in the eyes of SANCTUM dwellers, but you will also be entrusted with some duties the Staff will tell you about, such as specific clothes and equipment and activities to promote with the players.

Select this option only if you feel like receiving instructions from the Staff and if you are inclined to be in a central position in SANCTUM’s town life.

Submitting characters and groups to the Staff

In practice, you’ll be able to submit you character and group through a Google Form. You won’t have to put in all details right away, you can leave many information blank and submit that later. In fact, when you will fill in the form, you will also receive an automated email with a secret link that will let you and only you modify what you have submitted for your character.

This way you’ll be able to adapt and develop you character and group gradually as you organize it with your friends and other participants.

Game Mechanics

Nerf guns and foam weapons

To simulate firearms and other weapons, we will use nerf guns and classic foam and latex larp weapons.

Please note that nerf guns must be painted with metallic effect or so they don’t look like plastic.

Weapons that look too medieval will not be accepted - we don’t want it to be a fantasy larp.

If you don’t have weapons, don’t worry: we’ll provide foam weapons for rent, and painted nerf guns for sale at a reasonable price.


In order to play SANCTUM, you do not need to speak Italian, or in fact, English.

During the game you can speak whatever language or languages you prefer. Most participants will play in Italian, some will play in English, and we can expect about 50% of Italian players to speak English fluently enough to have meaningful conversations.

Disclaimer: if you speak neither English, nor Italian, nor French, nor Spanish, we organizers still warmly welcome you, but keep in mind that if you need to talk to us during the larp, we'll have to use either an interpreter, or sign language



SANCTUM will take place from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th of September, 2018. You are free to arrive later and to leave earlier, if you so wish. The game will be on 24 hours a day - yet we ask everyone not to disturb those who want to sleep during the night, and avoid noisy activities in the courtyard outside the building (see further details below).


  • From 12pm: participants arrive, reception, groups assemble their structures
  • 6pm: game and safety workshop, get to know the other groups
  • 8pm: TIME IN, the larp starts at night then continues non-stop until Sunday


  • 8am-12pm: remaining structures are assembled. Those who can’t arrive on Thursday will be able to use these hours to enter the location by car, assemble their structures, bring in their supplies, etc. Those who are already good to go can continue to play (or sleep in): in any case, we are thinking of Friday morning as low-intensity game.
  • From 12.30pm: game continues non-stop until Sunday
  • Participants will be able to enter the game at anytime on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Those who arrive after 12pm on Friday will have to set up their space without disrupting the game, and while “off game” they’ll have to wear the white t-shirt with black cross.


  • Game continues non-stop until Sunday
  • Every night between 1:30am and 8am, we would like a lighter game intensity: we recommend not to disturb the participants who would like to sleep.
  • Important: the game area is located in an urban area, although not densely populated. To avoid issues with the residents, concerts and other noisy activities will not take place in the courtyard, but inside the building (which is much more post-apoc than the outside anyway).
  • Important: after 10pm, game structures in the courtyard will “close” for the night. Between 10pm and 8am in the morning we recommend limiting yelling and big gatherings in the courtyard - use the building instead.


  • About 1pm: TIME OUT, end of game.
  • 1-3pm: EVERYONE DISASSEMBLES, MANDATORY. It’s forbidden to leave the location before 3pm on Sunday, or before having disassembled and tidied up game structures and own group sleeping quarters. If you need to leave the larp on Saturday, please tell us in advance and make sure than someone else will take care of your camp.
  • 3pm: Staff checks groups’ structures, security deposit is given back only if everything is sufficiently tidied and cleaned up, and it will be up to the incontestable discretion of the staff.
  • 3-4.30pm: snack offered by the staff, non-alcoholic afterparty - since we assume we’ll have drunk enough during the previous days, and it will be time to hit the road and recover 🙂
  • By 6pm: all participants are asked to leave the location to let the staff finish tidying up. Those who are willing to help are welcome to stay all afternoon!

I need to arrive a day before/ stay a day longer

It’s not possible to sleep in the location between Wednesday and Thursday, nor between Sunday and Monday.

HOWEVER, if you live further than 500km from the location and you need a place to stay before or after the event, contact us at and tell us what time you will arrive and how many people will be with you. We will do our best to find you a spot or a couch to crash on!

The location

SANCTUM takes place in a big abandoned building, managed by Urban Airsoft Italia. The building has 6 floors, one of which is the basement, and nearly 200 rooms. It’s located in Milan, Via Giacomo Medici del Vascello 26, very close to the Milano Rogoredo train station.

Build your own camp

A game area in the location will be assigned to your group, where you will be able to set up your “camp”. This will include a room to sleep or camp, and a room next to it for the “shop”, where the group will be able to carry out their craft or trade, gather, invite friend and foes, lure in clients, etc.

How you can see from the maps, there are many rooms in the building: often a smaller one is next to a larger one, and most of them border the main corridor.

The exact placement of game areas will be determined by the staff, who will try to satisfy sent requests, while protecting the larp’s needs.

Groups and campsites: limits and costs

  • Minimum number of players per group is 5
  • Each group receives 2 rooms (to be used as dormitory and shop) or equivalent space
  • If the group has at least 10 members, it can request a double space if wanted, meaning 4 rooms (2 dormitories + 2 shops) or equivalent
  • Each group has to put down a 50 euros security deposit, which will be given back Sunday at 3pm if the space has been completely tidied up and cleaned
  • Each group can pay 100 euros, if they want, to have access to “materials given by the staff” (see below), which will be distributed equally among the groups, trying to satisfy all needs
  • Each group can pay 200 euros, if they want, to have a double space + double materials, no matter how many people there are in the group
  • In addition, each group can order extra “special materials” (see below), that the staff will provide at purchase cost
  • All this is optional: any group can use their own equipment and materials, at no additional cost. Only the 50 euros security deposit is mandatory

Staff provided materials

One of Sanctum’s challenges is going to be to make the group’s lair alive and aesthetically recognizable through great visual impact! That’s why we have decided to find and bring extra materials to the event, on top of the ones you’ll bring from home, to enrich the collective work that will be done on Thursday.

A member of the staff will be in charge of supervising and handing out the materials we’ll make available, and will gladly make suggestions on how to best use them.

We will have tools but not for everyone, so we recommend bringing them from home, keeping in mind that it won’t be possible to drill into the walls, hang with nails nor paint the walls.

Special materials to be ordered

You can order some materials that you need to make your base more badass, but that are too big to bring from home: you can delegate the purchase to us!

We will soon give more detailed information on the costs and sizes, and we will give a form to let you order the materials online. Once again, all materials are supplied at purchase cost.


Meals and meal preparation will happen “in game”.

Player-prepared food

Participants will provide appropriate post-apoc food for themselves, in line with their group and character, and they’ll be able to prepare and eat it in game.

Staff will provide a gas stove area to cook and griddles to grill meat. It’s possible to bring extra camp stoves and gas tanks. Everyone will provide their own pots, dishes and cutlery.

It will NOT be possible to bring refrigerators or other appliances: the electrical system wouldn’t be enough for everyone’s needs.


Coffee, cold beverages, beer and light cocktails will be available for purchase at a low price at a bar run by the SANCTUM organizers. The bar is in game.


A food area will be set up in game, where sandwiches, cold and hot meals will be available for purchase at a low price, depending on availability. Vegetarian options will always be included.

Can I sell food and beverages in game?

Of course! Managing a “sketchy business”, a brothel, or a cart that sells “radioactive rat skewers” is a great idea to characterize the activities of your group (or some of the characters that are part of it).

Note: if you want to ask for euros in exchange for the food you sell in game (or any other service), a part of the revenue will go to the staff - more on that in the "Game money and tokens" paragraph.


Overnight stay is inside the building used for the larp. Each player must provide their own cot or camping mat, sleeping bag and so on.

As said above, each group will have one or more rooms to use as camp/sleeping quarters. Another small dormitory will be available for those characters who are not part of any group.

For space and aesthetic reasons it won’t be possible to set up tents inside the buildings: it wouldn’t make sense anyway, since we have 200 rooms and we’re not afraid to use them.

Respect for people and off game objects

The game continues 24 hours a day non stop without formal pauses, yet common sense dictates players should avoid disturbing people who are trying to sleep, and avoid being noisy near the dormitory rooms while people are sleeping.

Off game luggage: each participant can mark their luggage as “off game” with a visible sheet of paper or a white cloth with a big black X on it (for example, made of black tape).

The same code is used to identify off game participants, such as people who are setting up their camp on Friday, or players whose character is dead, and anyone who wants to exit the game for whatever reason.

For this, we recommend each participant to bring a white t-shirt with a visible black X to be used in these situations. Obviously, we expect any off game player to respect the game and not disturb the people who are playing.

The bathrooms are located in a nearby building near the game (two separate bathrooms with several toilets). There will also be running water available in a couple of locations in the main building, on top of many plastic water tanks that will be available to bring water to the rooms or the floors that don’t have running water.

Game money and tokens

Aside from swapping, the survivors of the apocalypse use a variety of objects as currency, such as banknotes minted by the institutions in game, and objects that have an inherent value in the fiction of the game.

Hence, the staff will supply some “official” Sanctum banknotes, but any type of currency is ok to use, including banknotes and objects from other larp events, but also bolts, beads, shells. The only limit will be if other players accept or not those objects as currency, but the staff won’t put any restriction.

TOKENS are the only exception: they will be provided by the staff and will be used to buy food and drinks and other objects and services that have an “off game” value too high to be exchanged for beads.

  • Any player can exchange Tokens at the front desk, when they arrive at the larp.
  • Any player can exchange Tokens during the game, at the bar managed by the staff.
  • In both cases, 1 euro is worth 10 tokens. Minimum purchase is 100 tokens (10 euros), we don’t accept small change.

At the end of the larp, only the “shopkeepers” who will have sold food, beverages or other services in exchange for tokens will be able to exchange them back to the staff: they will get 8 euros for every 100 tokens.

Sign up

Sign up is open on Terre Spezzate’s portal, at this link. To sign up, you’ll need an account and login.

To cover as many participants’ needs as possible, we have different subscription tiers for sign up. In any case, the sum for "SUNFALL, SANCTUM" will be paid in person at the larp, before the game.

However, if this is the first time you play with Terre Spezzate, we ask for a 30 euro deposit through Paypal, to confirm you want to play. Deposit is non-refundable.

If you have played with us before, we will not ask you a deposit. Nevertheless, we expect you will honor your promise to come play Sanctum, in other words: if you sign up for Sanctum and cancel before August 15th, a 30 euro sum will be placed on your account to pay at the next Terre Spezzate event you will attend; if you cancel after August 15th, you’ll have to pay the full sign up amount (if you ever plan to play with us again).

€ 50
€ 140
€ 90
Under 25
€ 60
I need money
€ 70
  • International player: any international player who wants can sign up for Sanctum at this discounted price!
  • Supporters: all Supporters have our gratitude, a whole lot of glory from the gods of larp, and a nice gadget for free (Sanctum’s beautiful mug!) and, if they want, they’ll be able to choose one of the “special characters” rather than writing their own, which are characters written by the staff (while supplies of available characters last)
  • Under 25: discounted option for young players! Up to 10% of participants can get this price.
  • I need money: discounted option for anyone who thinks they need it: we trust you won’t abuse it if not needed. Up to 10% of participants can get this price.

For any questions and doubts, you can write us at


A project by Terre Spezzate, in cooperation with WHLive, in cooperation
with Lost Ideas Denmark and their larp SUNFALL (Denmark, 1-4 November, 2018).
Both events share setting and characters: bring your Sunfall group to SANCTUM, and vice versa!