Survival Supremacy Solidarity

An explosive mix
of Larp, Post-Apoc culture,
Music and Fun

"Beyond the living hell of the Great Disaster, at the dawn of a new world, survivors found a new home of concrete and steel. What was once the Plain looked like a godforsaken desert... nevertheless, the human race had survived."

SANCTUM is a Post Apoc festival larp for 200+ participants, a loving tribute to cult classics Fallout and Mad Max.
Create your character and playing group, gain control of districts and resources, dive into the immoral recreation of the settlement, defend yourself against ravagers and radiation.
Live 4 days in the last outpost of civilization in a world dominated by wastelands.

The full website will be online in March.
50€ (for International Players). Sign-up opens on March 15.

From September 13 to 16 (Thu-Sun), 2018.
Urban Airsoft Italia, Milan. 6 floors and almost 200 rooms!

Check our Facebook event or write us to

A project by Terre Spezzate, in cooperation with WHLive, in cooperation with Lost Ideas Denmark and their larp SUNFALL (Denmark, July 10-15, 2018). Both events share setting and characters: bring your Sunfall group to Sanctum, and vice versa! SUNFALL is played in English, while SANCTUM participants may play in either English or Italian.